The power of Alaska removed famous in the movie a bus is dangerous for tourists

The power of Alaska removed the abandoned bus where he lived the prototype of the hero of American film "Into the wild" Christopher McCandless repeatedly become "deadly" tourist attraction, according to the Department of natural resources of the state.

The novel "Into the wild" was written in 1996 based on the true story of American traveler by Christopher McCandless, also known under the alias "Alexander the Tramp." A young man from a wealthy family, went to wild area of Alaska and settled in the bus. After four months of his retreat, the man died from exhaustion at age 24. In 2007, the screens out the eponymous film.

The machine that served as a temporary home for the builders was abandoned in 1961 and became popular after the book by John Krakauer about a lost traveler.

"Since then, many tourists tried to get to him in the footsteps of McCandless, and many died, were injured or were found by rescue services", — notes the Department.

On Thursday morning, a military helicopter brought the bus to a "safe place" where he will remain until authorities decide where to move him.

In 2019, trying to get to the bus, killing the actress Veronika Nikonova, starring in the movie "Brest fortress". When Nikonova and her husband had tried to cross the river Teklanika, the girl was washed away in the water flow was strong and fast because of recent rains.