Ulyanov has denied the rumors about Iran's nuclear activities on the disputed objects

There are no hints that Iran currently has nuclear activities at two sites, the resolution on which is adopted the IAEA, said on Friday Russia's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov.

The IAEA Board of governors on Friday by a majority vote adopted a draft resolution of the EU Troika with (France, Germany, UK) on the inspectors access to two nuclear facilities in Iran.

"No indication that Iran is currently at the above-mentioned objects of undeclared nuclear activities, no. Other issues, as was confirmed by the Deputy Director General of the IAEA safeguards Aparo during techbriefings June 10, the Agency does not have. So now we are talking only about the verification of the completeness of the Declaration of the Islamic Republic of Iran," - said Ulyanov, speaking on the results of the voting on the draft resolution.

He added that these stories do not carry any threat to the safeguards system, not to mention international peace and security, and should be resolved in a "calm, professional and non-confrontational manner" in the ongoing dialogue between the Secretariat of the IAEA and Tehran.

The permanent representative of Iran to the international organizations in Vienna Kazem Gharib-Abadi said that Tehran rejected the IAEA resolution.

Speaking to the governing Council on Monday, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi called on Iran to provide immediate access to two facilities that already more than four months Tehran will not allow the Agency's inspectors. Grossi also expressed concern that almost a year Iran will not enter into meaningful discussion to clarify issues related to possible undeclared nuclear material and nuclear activity.

At the same time, Grossi said that the situation with Iran's failure to provide access to a number of facilities not related to the implementation of Tehran's nuclear commitments under the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran's nuclear program (SVPD). According to him, Iran is at the same level continues to cooperate with the IAEA on monitoring of the implementation of the nuclear deal, despite the January statement of Tehran on the termination of all obligations of the AGREEMENT, which previously went to the United States.