In Portland, protesters demolished the monument to the first President of the United States

A group of protesters demolished the monument to the first President of the USA George Washington in the American Portland in Oregon, according to local television station KOIN.

According to the channel, a group of 20 people went to the statue, installed outside of the organization "German-American society" in the North-East of Portland. First, on the statue's head threw an American flag and set on fire. Then, when people became more, the statue was knocked to the ground and painted graffiti. On the monument, in particular, caused the inscription "1619", that is the year when America came the first slaves.

Police began investigating the incident.

On the backdrop of the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of the police in the US has once again intensified the debate about racial discrimination, protests were held in many cities were destroyed several monuments to the southerners who fought in the US Civil war. The statue is dismantled by decision of the local authorities and protesting citizens.

The civil war was the bloodiest in U.S. history, but led to the emancipation of the slaves. The position of blacks in society was largely unequal to the 1960-ies. Now African Americans are the least advantaged in socio-economic terms, racial-ethnic group in American society. Police are accused of systemic racism, and a number of high-profile killings of African Americans by white police officers has led to widespread protests in recent years.