It became known as the hotels in the Dominican Republic to change the system "all inclusive"

All the hotels on the territory of the Dominican Republic, who previously worked on the system "all inclusive", to return to it after the return of foreign tourists, but with some modifications, said the Director of the office for tourism in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Galina Lysenko.

"The hotels are fully loaded, is about 50 percent of the total load. Service system all inclusive stays at all the hotels where she was before — said the expert. But there are some changes. If in a hotel, for example, 10 power points, but three service worked only two restaurants, but now they all, including bars, will be open to visitors throughout the day. That is, it will be the buffets in all the restaurants that are on site".

The representative of touropia said that will be met with the sitting "across the table" for guests to distance themselves from each other.

In addition, all the racks with food will be people who will put food on the choice of the customers.

"As for the a la carte restaurants, they prepared a digital menu. Then there are the guests will have to book in advance and choose dishes for dinner. This implies that the food items will not be queue", — explained the expert.