Russia is preparing a report on the violation of the rights to freedom of movement in the EU

The Russian delegation is preparing a report of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the violation of the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement in the EU, said the Chairman of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

"Russia has introduced an electronic visa, which you can visit any subject of the Russian Federation", - said the MP at the conference on Friday with French senators, noting that the Russian citizens if you wish to visit the EU face visa problems.

"To visit the EU, you need to obtain a Schengen visa. However, if separate EU countries, for example, Estonia or Poland, close the entry to a Russian citizen for their own reasons, the decision of the national character covers the entire European Union, and the citizen deprived of the opportunity to visit the EU", - said Kosachev.

It is a violation of human rights, the right to freedom of movement, the MP said.

According to him, Senator Irina Rukavishnikova is now preparing a report on this subject to be presented in the framework of the PACE.