In the Federation Council commented on the flight of the bombers of the U.S. air force at the border

. The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov has commented on the interception of U.S. bombers over the sea of Okhotsk.

According to him, such flights are conducted to check the readiness of air defense systems, and tracking systems.

"It's all in the rules of international aviation law. They are accompanied by our fighter-interceptors, who are ready at any time to stop the flight, if there is a real necessity. Not in terms of knock, and just to warn the pilots that they violate the airspace of the Russian Federation", - Jabbarov said in comments to radio station "Moscow speaking".

He noted that Americans can perform the same actions, when Russian planes fly in international waters.

The Senator pointed to the fact that the frequency of such flights increases with the aggravation of the international situation.

Earlier the air defense forces of the Eastern military district found a U.S. air force aircraft in the skies over neutral waters of the sea of Okhotsk. To intercept the bombers picked up the su-30, su-35 and MiG-31.