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Race rivals: experts spoke about the sales of tours on the Black sea

Experts told which direction is more popular with tourists in Sochi or the Crimea, according to Rata News.

According to experts, after it became known that from 1 July, guests from all regions of Russia will be able to come to the Crimea, the sale of tours to the Peninsula immediately increased.

Also people worried about the inquiries about the absence of the virus and epidokruzhenii mandatory for settlement in the resort, although the hotels they are not required. "I hope that the reference will cancel. Make the tests for a family is very expensive. Yes, and not just that, if you live not in Moscow", – said the expert.

The CEO of a major Russian tour operator Sergey Romashkin convinced of the necessity of unification of requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for all accommodation facilities.

"The limitation mode is softened, and help for resorts in mysterious ways no one cancels. But for hotels they initially regulations of the CPS was not provided, — said the expert. Crimean and Krasnodar motels are outraged by this requirement, because the hotels will now receive all tourists, once there you can drop in without tests. It is urgent to reverse this situation, otherwise the resort will be on the side of the season."

President of the group of travel agencies Boris Zelinsky agree that the rules for hotels and resorts it is necessary to equalize. However, he noted that the overall sales of the Crimean resorts for the last 10 days have increased six or seven times. The company has reached about 80 percent from the same period last year.

"It will not give the same load, because then the races since July 1, we sold in six months. But the pace of sales we are now happy, – said General Director Sergey Romashkin. The first large-scale open for tourists, who will receive prizes of the season. And if at the start of Sochi on the case bypassed the Crimea, now Crimea is two corps took the lead. It is interesting to observe the race of market competition."