GP Belarus opened a criminal case on the BGB

The Prosecutor General's office of Belarus opened a criminal case against the defendants in the "case of Belgazprombank", their actions have created "a real threat to the national security interests" of the Republic, said Friday the Belarusian Prosecutor General Aliaksandr kaniuk.

Earlier on Friday the state control Committee (SCC) of Belarus RIA Novosti said that criminal proceedings against the applicant for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko and a number of current and former employees of the BGB handed over to the Prosecutor General.

According to Kaniuk, quoted by the state Agency BelTA, the Prosecutor's office in accordance with the legislation considers the materials of the criminal case of Belgazprombank received from the Department of firesleeve (FID) of the SCC for determining jurisdiction.

"The results of their study based on the available evidence, the General Prosecutor's office came to the unequivocal conclusion about necessity of qualification of actions involved in the case of persons committed as part of a criminal organization. Therefore I made the decision on excitation of criminal case on part 2 and part 3 of article 285 of the Criminal code," said Koniuk.

In his words, "criminal acts" of the defendants in the "case of Belgazprombank" has created "a real threat to the interests of national security" of Belarus, both financially and in other areas.