A German scientist called Putin's article an outstretched hand to the West

Article of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be misinterpreted in the West: it deems confrontational, although, in fact, the Russian leader reaches out to international partners, told RIA Novosti the German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

Putin wrote an article about the Second world war. It is called "the Actual lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war." Putin, in particular, writes that attempts to revise the results of world war I, which are observed today in the West, threaten the principles of peaceful development.

"Unfortunately, this article finds in the West, confrontational, accused Russia of intending to rewrite history and to rethink the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in their own interests. But the truth is that Putin's article offers another opinion, grounds for a conversation among historians, it contains a new and very important historical facts about heavy 1938 and 1939," said Rahr.

"I believe that this article is the extended arm of the Russian side to the West in order not to slip into propaganda regarding the history of the Second world war, and to lead based on facts, published today for the first time documents of the time dialogue that would lead to a realistic and correct understanding of the incident," he added.

According to experts, in the West "today is forgotten or no longer popular" historical fact that Britain, France and Poland, "first, closely collaborated with Hitler in the division of the Czech Republic and the Anschluss of Austria". In this regard, Moscow is committed to "history was not used against her as a weapon, in particular, legitimizing the extension of NATO to the East", given the fact that Russia today is perceived in the West as a country-successor of the USSR.

Rahr stressed that "historical discourse or dialogue are very important, more important than in years past" and it needs to go "based on the facts and not any speculations or propaganda, to establish, if possible, the true history of the twentieth century."

"In the end, the political proposal, which is contained in the article, Putin, is very important - you need to make every effort to overcome new chaos in international relations. Unipolar world becoming multipolar, and the West, the permanent members of the UN security Council has a good understanding of how to collectively ensure the stability of the new world order," - said Rahr.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that some European countries are trying to rewrite history. The Russian President noted that Russia is obliged to ensure the preservation of the truth about the great Patriotic war and to resist attempts to falsify its history.