The analyst commented on the detention of Babariko

The detention in Belarus of the presidential candidate Victor Babariko practically means failure of elections, it has not let go, considers the Russian expert, Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev.

Formerly the headquarters of Babariko RIA Novosti reported that the politician and his son are in the KGB jail. In Minsk at the head office of Belgazprombank, which Babariko headed for 20 years in Minsk, earlier were searched.

"In fact, this change of the political system, because he (Lukashenko - ed.) wins the election and appoints himself for a sixth term," said Suzdaltsev.

"Of course, Babariko will not let go. Unverified sources say that he and his son were tortured from them by force, trying to achieve recognition in relations with Moscow, which is accused Gazprom management and Russian leadership of meddling in the electoral campaign in Belarus, beat out a confession of wrongdoing in the financial sector," said Suzdaltsev for RIA Novosti.

"To keep the government of Lukashenko is very difficult. He went for coercive methods and was jailed presidential candidates," said Suzdaltsev. "Lukashenko announced that he will not give up power, in any case, even if all vote against him", - the expert believes.

"No illusions that after the election there will be a constitutional reform, which introduced a mechanism of inheritance of power," he said.

According to him, Babariko and other candidate in presidents of Belarus - the former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo - now more Pro-Russian than Lukashenko. "Lukashenko conducts elections in an anti-Russian format, positioning itself as a defender from Russian threats," he said.

The expert believes that they targeted Gazprom, which subsidizes Belarus for dozens of years. "Captured by the BGB, which is 99.9% owned by Gazprom and Gazprombank. The accounts of 3 billion dollars - now Lukashenko, the money resets on campaign needs. He requested a loan from Russia - Russia a loan not given, and then he just took a Russian Bank," said Suzdaltsev.

In his opinion, Lukashenka demonstrates a sense of impunity. "Strong candidates it just removes" - he said.

The state control Committee (SCC) of Belarus said that on the basis of BGB acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. On Thursday, Babariko was detained, according to the SCC, due to the fact that he was the "organizer, leader, illegal activities, attempted to influence witnesses, to hide the traces of earlier committed crimes and just recently to remove a large sum of money from accounts controlled by him". As noted in the Department, including investigated the illegal withdrawal of more than 430 million dollars over several years from the account of BGB in the Bank in Latvia-ABLV.

In criminal cases of BGB detained about 20 people, including its top executives, many are cooperating with the investigation and testify against Babariko as the organizer of the criminal scheme, reported to the SCC.

Babariko previously expressed the opinion that the actions of the authorities of the Republic are politically motivated nature on the backdrop of the presidential campaign. However, the head of the SCC Ivan Tertel said that criminal cases against top managers of Belagroprombank and the presidential election in which a candidate of Babariko, not connected in any way.