Malta expects to welcome guests from all countries from July 15

The government of Malta announced its intention to remove restrictions on flights with all countries from July 15, including with Russia, according to ATOR.

The Ministry of tourism and protection of the rights of consumers and the Malta tourism authority (MTA) announced the inclusion of six additional countries to the list of areas with which Malta resumes flights from 1 July.

It included: Italy (excluding the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont), France (except Ile-de-France), Spain (excluding Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castile and Leon), Poland (with the exception of airport Katowice), Greece and Croatia.

The original list also included Austria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Finland and Estonia.

In addition, from July 15, Malta is planning to remove restrictions on flights to other countries. As explained in the AIT, flights from the UK can also be restored from this date.

True Russian borders are still closed and visa center of Malta accepts no documents. The Embassy of the country reported that currently, the provision of visa on hold due to the measures taken to control the spread of coronavirus infection. Exception – humanitarian and emergency cases.

In the Malta of the requirements of quarantine or the granting of special certificates will not be, but at the airport passengers will measure the temperature. Also there will need to be masked.

The Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela also announced the lifting of emergency in the areas of health, introduced in the country due to the pandemic virus Сovid-19. Thus in the Republic repealed all existing restrictions, including a ban on events over 75 people.