Cuba will open the island for tourists 1 July

The government of Cuba since July 1 allowed foreign tourists stay in the five coral Islands in the North and the South-East of the country opened the sale of tickets.

According to the head of the Ministry of tourism Juan Garcia, who on Wednesday presented a plan for a phased transition to the new rules of the industry, the movement of tourists at this stage will be limited to the territory of residence.

The Department explained that the second phase of the transition to a "new normality", which allows the international tourism, will start on July 1. Visit all areas of Liberty Island will be open in the third phase, for which the date has not yet named.

Thursday morning began selling tickets to open for foreigners the Cuban island, the first available in July booking options appeared on major international online services.

The process of gradual recovery of the Cuban economy started in 13 of the 15 provinces, Havana and Matanzas called "tails of the epidemic", where still all the restrictions.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, Cuba confirmed 2295 cases COVID-19, 2020 of them recovered and 85 died.