Behind the masks Uniqlo in Japan lined up

Line at the Uniqlo clothing stores in Japan are lined up on the first day of sales of Airism masks, the second half of the day in the free market, they were gone, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"The morning was a lot of people. Waited about 20 minutes to get in. But by 11.30 it became available. Maybe tomorrow will be more people, as output", - told RIA Novosti employee of the flagship store in Osaka at Umeda station.

At the entrance to the store buyer meets the announcement that masks are available no more, and to buy them may be the only one who stood in line, managed to pass. They were given waiting in line, so they are guaranteed to have enough masks. Payment in cash can only be done if you have the coupon. And only after that to the seller of the goods from hands in hands. As reported by RIA Novosti in one of the shops in the first half of the day was sold about 2 thousand masks.

In the second half of day the queues have disappeared, along with the masks. Now the store can enter freely, and if you want to pass, but only on the day after tomorrow.

Those who decided to go the easy way and not to stand in line and buy masks online, was disappointed: when typing in the search phrase "mask Uniqlo" on the company page appear two lines of apology for the inconvenience caused due to poor site performance due to the large number of cases.

In one package for 990 yen (about 9 dollars) three masks. Their hallmark is that they are made from is specially designed for the hot Japanese summer Airism material. Still, it was used for underwear, as it breathes well and it is not so hot. The popularity of the masks and added weather – temperature above 30 degrees has been established almost throughout the country, and recommendations to wear masks has not been canceled, experts fear that the wearing of masks in the heat can lead to increased heat stroke. -0-

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