Water and rail transportation have recognized the affected industries

The governmental Commission on increase of stability of development of economy of Russia approved the inclusion in the list of the most affected by the pandemic coronavirus industries transportation of passengers by water transport and rail in long-distance connections, the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to sources.

The interlocutors of the newspaper claim that the relevant state Commission had discussed the matter on 5 June, and the Ministry of economic development was instructed to prepare the documents, "but this has not yet happened." According to the publication, the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers will be released before the end of the week. The Ministry of transport confirmed the publication of the decision of the state Commission, noting that the issue is within the competence of the Ministry of economic development.

On inclusion of water passenger transport in the list of victims of coronavirus industries asked the Russian chamber of shipping and the RSPP, the newspaper said. Pandemic COVID-19 practically stopped the activity of the companies of this industry, their possible losses in navigation were evaluated more than 5 billion rubles. Inclusion in the list of affected sectors of passenger Maritime and inland waterway transport have agreed on the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development, the newspaper notes.

In addition, the Ministry of transport has proposed to amend the list of activities of the inland water freight transport and support associated with the overall inland waterways (under the NACE operate some passenger carriers). According to the head of the Ministry Yevgeny Ditrikh, transportation of passengers by water because of the pandemic could fall by 75%, cargo increased by more than 30%. However, the Ministry of economic development spoke out against the inclusion of freight transport in the list, noting that the decline in revenue companies is due to the General decline in demand and climatic factors.

In early April, the list has included commuter rail. In may, the economic development Ministry has also proposed to recognize the victims of the coronavirus transportation in long-distance and international traffic, but the Ministry of Finance said that at a meeting on transport on 7 may, the decision on them was not taken. In the end, the economic development Ministry has included in the list only intercity.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin following the meeting on transport, held on may 7, has instructed the government to include in the list of victims COVID-19 sectors of the railway transport of passengers and inland water transport. The deadline for the assignment has expired on June 10.

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