"Helicopters of Russia" has created a civilian version of the Arctic Mi-8

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (included in rostec) has launched serial production of the Arctic helicopter Mi-8AMT for civilian customers, Ulan-Ude aviation plant has already produced its first car, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding.

"The Mi-8AMT helicopter in Arctic weather conditions completed the flight test program and passed the procedure of acceptance of independent inspection of Federal air transport Agency. One of the main features of the machine – developed by the National center helicopter "Mil and Kamov" unique heating system for the transmission units, which makes possible prompt engine starting under extremely low temperatures, even if the Board were a long time in terms of non-hangar home in the open air", - is spoken in the message.

In addition to the heating system of the transmission, the helicopter is equipped with thermal protection of the cargo compartment and a special insulating curtains in the door and leaves the cockpit, and internal communications machines are communicating, not rubber hoses, and cold-resistant Teflon.

"The new Mi-8AMT will be in demand from a wide range of Russian companies and government agencies implementing projects and performing tasks in the Arctic zone. The first machine is ready for operation, negotiations are underway with several potential Russian customers, – said General Director of "Helicopters of Russia" Andrey Boginsky.

To increase the overcome helicopter distances in the car installed additional fuel tanks. Range Arctic Mi-8AMT is up to 1400 km on the machine can be fitted with a ditching system for flights over extensive water surface of the Arctic zone. The complex also includes several navigation systems for positioning of the helicopter, radar with horizontal and vertical scan data about weather conditions, digital autopilot, radio with a wide frequency range. The machine is able to automatically perform a hovering, flying along the planned route of hovering and landing. Navigation system significantly reduces crew workload and improving flight safety.

Currently, the Arctic version is the only military transport Mi-8AMTSH helicopter - the Mi-8AMTSH-VA. The contract for the supply of helicopters for the Arctic group of forces was signed with the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in February 2016. Key improvements of the Mi-8AMTSH-VA in comparison with the basic version - improved insulation, advanced navigation and radio communication equipment (including inertial navigation system operating in the absence of satellite signals), the unique patented system for heating engine and transmission, whereby at temperatures between -40°C and below a possible operational launch of helicopter engines, as well as a large sliding door on the left.

Mi-8AMTSH-VA is fit for long-haul flights. This helicopter can accommodate up to four additional fuel tanks. During a test flight with extra fuel tanks, the helicopter was able to fly without refueling more than 1,400 kilometers.