In India revealed 13.5 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus

More than two thousand people have died from the coronavirus in India per day, the number of identified cases of infection in the country increased by 13.5 thousand and 380 of 532, according to the Ministry of health and family welfare.

According to authorities, treatment in the country are 163 248 people, recovered 204 710 (10 386 per night), died 12 573 (336 per day).

On Thursday it was reported 366 946 cases (increase per day more than 12.8 thousand), the day before – about 354 065 cases (growth day to more than 10.9 thousand)

According to calculations of the Johns Hopkins University, India ranks fourth in the world in the number of cases, ahead of Britain, Italy and Spain.

The most affected state of Maharashtra in the center of the country, which recorded for about one third of all cases – 120 504 (3752 per day). In second place - Tamilnadu: 52 334 cases (2141 per day). In third place - the capital Delhi, where identified 49 979 cases (2877 per day).

Despite the growing number of cases earlier, the authorities ordered to start a gradual exit from isolation mode where the number of diseases is minimal. During the first phase, which began on June 8, allowed to open temples, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. In those places, which are declared zones of the spread of coronavirus – where the number of cases continues to increase, the lockdown was extended until June 30.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 8.2 million cases of infection, more than 445 thousand people died.

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