Peruvian billed for over $130 thousand for the treatment of COVID-19

Clinic in Peru exhibited the patient who had recovered from coronavirus, account for more than 130 thousand dollars, the man was unable to help in a government hospital due to lack of space, he told radio RPP.

About this media said the sister of the patient. When he began to have serious breathing problems, the family appealed to the public service of free care for patients with coronavirus, but was told that the hospitals there, so he can not help. As a result, the family was forced to take the patient to the nearest clinic.

Initially, the family assumed that the man will stay in hospital for two weeks, but after 4 days he was transferred to the ICU where he remained for over 50 days. He is now preparing for discharge.

Currently the health system of Peru is experiencing difficulties with a shortage of beds and medical equipment for the treatment of coronavirus, especially of oxygen. In early June, the authorities decided that all industrial oxygen produced in Peru to be directed to the treatment of patients COVID-19, the hospital will have priority in getting it in front of the industries.

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