Domogarov refused to go on stage because Ephraim

Actor Alexander Domogarov supported staged a drunken accident by Mikhail Efremov. Relevant post he published on instagram.

The actor wrote that he had lost the desire to go on stage before the audience.

"A terrible catastrophe that occurred with Misha — a litmus test that showed the attitudes of the "people", and it's terrible what happened," wrote the actor.

Domogarov said that he considers guilty of Ephraim, but it should be judged by the court.

"And you're condemning, not drinking, not throwing wives have always lived with one wife, no cheating, no friends or have friends, you are sold for a pittance, you didn't set up their comrades for your own gain, you didn't send angry letters?" — asks the actor.

Domogarov has accused followers that they "trample on the blood," and asked them not to come to his performances.

On the evening of 8 June, Mikhail Efremov, being in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, committed a fatal road accident in Central Moscow. The SUV of the actor has left on an oncoming lane on the Garden ring and crashed into a van "Lada", at the wheel which was a 57-year-old Sergey Zakharov. With closed cherepno-a brain trauma it was urgently taken to hospital where several hours later he died.

Against the actor opened a criminal case under article about infringement of traffic regulations in an alcohol intoxication, entailed death of the person. On it to it threatens till 12 years of imprisonment. The city Prosecutor's office took the investigation under control. The court sent Ephraim under house arrest.

A few days after the accident, the actor apologized to the family of the deceased. The artist said that the fair will be punished, and called their actions "unforgivable". The lawyer of the injured party Alexander Dobrovinsky said Zakharov's family did not accept the apology of Ephraim and not take from him financially.