Discovered pictures of the stolen paintings by van Gogh

Pictures of the stolen paintings by van Gogh "Spring garden. The garden of the priest in Nuenen in spring" was discovered in the criminal world, said Dutch detective, investigating crimes in the sphere of art, Arthur the Brand on his Twitter page.

"Urgent: Proof (picture – editor) van Gogh, recently stolen in Laren, live. Outstanding painting circulating in mob circles. My theory is that this was a copycat theft (two paintings – ed.) van Gogh Octave Durham in 2002, it seems now even more likely: his book next to the picture," wrote the detective in Twitter, attaching two photographs.

As reported by specializing in the art portal Artnet, one of them visible picture, to the left of it lies a copy of the newspaper New York Times may 30, and on the right biography, in Dutch thief of works of art Oktava Durham "Meesterdief" ("Thief-master" - ed.) in 2018.

It is known that in 2002, stole two paintings of van Gogh "the sea at Scheveningen" (1882) and "out of the Protestant Church in Nuenen" (1882-84).

The second photo shows the reverse side of the picture.

According to him, it is unlikely that the thief is holding the painting for ransom, most likely he's trying to find a buyer. However, he believes that Durham is not a suspect in this case, as he has an alibi – at the time of the theft he was in the hospital. Brand suggested that information about the whereabouts of the painting can be used as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the authorities for a more lenient sentence.

Earlier in March, it was reported that the painting "Spring garden. The garden of the priest in Nuenen in spring" (1884) by Vincent van Gogh stolen from the Museum complex of Singer Laren in the Netherlands, when it was closed due to the government imposed the measures to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.