Pelosi said that will not buy a book of Bolton

The speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi has assured that will not buy sensational even before the official release of the book, former adviser to the US President for homeland security John Bolton, and accused him of lack of patriotism and political game for their own interests.

"President trump obviously ethically not fit and mentally not ready to be President of the United States, but I guess it doesn't matter to Republicans in the U.S. Senate and it looks like it didn't matter to John Bolton, who preferred subordination to patriotism," said Pelosi at a press conference on Thursday.

"I think he will work on his book," - said the speaker of the house of representatives, the third position in the hierarchy of the American system of government after the President and Vice-President.

The speaker announced that she is not going to buy a memoir of Bolton. "I have not seen the book, and I'm not paying for the book, which was released as a replacement to testify in Congress," said Pelosi. According to her, "it's called cheating... and it is very sad, because obviously he knew that the President must leave his post," said Pelosi.

In her view, Bolton wants to keep relations with the right wing of the Republican party, so "it continues the sham, saying that we didn't call him to testify when he himself has said that he will not come (to testify) in the house and only comes to the Senate, which he knew would not cause it," said Pelosi.

The book memories of Bolton on working with trump is scheduled for June 23. The U.S. justice Department through the court requires from the publisher to delay the publication of the book until the moment when Bolton will coordinate it with the administration over the presence of classified information. The Ministry of justice also asks the court to order the already printed copies of the book were destroyed, and leakage of its content in mass media is prohibited.

Soon after the information about the lawsuit in the leading US media came excerpts from the book, which contained unpleasant characteristics trump and criticism of his actions. The white house and trump personally accuse Bolton, who was presidential adviser on national security from April 2018 to September 2019, a lie.