At Sberbank, talked about the new "trend" of cybercriminals

Hackers have been increasingly used to attack company's IOT devices, these attacks on itself, fixed and savings Bank, said the Chairman of the Board of Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov.

"Cyber criminals are increasingly using the so-called IOT devices and make an attack on various companies and organizations using these devices," he said during a press conference.

Kuznetsov stressed that the Bank also recorded at this kind of attack, for which was used a few hundred thousand devices connected to the Internet, including cameras and computers.

Another new trend have become the target of attack with the use of encoders. "In fact, this has become a major threat to the health authorities. And many business were not prepared to withstand such attacks," - said the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank.

Kuznetsov earlier on Thursday said that the Russian economy from-for hacker attacks at the end of this year can lose about 3.5 trillion rubles, while next year the losses could double. While currently the focus cyberhawks shifting from citizens to companies and authorities, he noted.