The people of Buenos Aires have limited running and walking during the quarantine

The people of Buenos Aires again has limited the ability to run and walk during the quarantine, follows from the statements of mayor Horacio Larreta.

Only a week and a half, June 8, ago citizens were able, after three months of isolation to go outside and go for a run or a walk, and before that people walked to the pharmacy and shops. On the first day, when the ban was lifted, the streets of Buenos Aires ran out of thousands of people. They were allowed to go out at nights from 20.00 to 8.00 am.

The fact is that in Argentina, as in many other Latin American countries, Jogging is very popular among citizens, is one of the most common types of sports. However, a mass sprint drew the attention of the authorities, and they decided to change the rules.

"We will expand the time spent on the street... you Can go from 19.00 to 9.00 am, exit to the street will be in accordance with passport number" - said the mayor in an interview with radio Mitre. Those whose passport ends in even digit, will run on even days, one on odd – on odd.

In addition, the city government has tightened the rules for public transport. Now they can use only those citizens whose work relates to sensitive and important areas of activity - doctors, employees of pharmacies, grocery stores, journalists – all those who were allowed to move around the city at the beginning of the quarantine.

Those citizens who were allowed to work later (the workshops, Shoe shops, optician, etc.) will now have to get to work not on public transport.

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