The ex-Chancellor of Austria, deprived of rights for "drunk" driving

Ex-Chancellor of Austria, Brigitte Bierlein was caught driving his car after drinking alcohol and lost his driver's license, the newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

The newspaper reports that on Wednesday evening Berlain vacationing with friends in one of the restaurants in the centre of Vienna, drinking alcoholic beverages. When the evening was over, she got into her car and drove home.

Shortly before midnight Berlain was stopped by the police. They decided to check for alcohol intoxication and breathalyzer showed more than 0.8 ppm in the blood of the ex-Chancellor.

Very Berlain told the newspaper he was sorry for his actions. "I'm sorry that after gatherings with friends I went home by car, in spite of the use of alcohol... My behavior does not meet my own high requirements, nor the example which I must submit. I am sincerely sorry," said the ex-Chancellor.

Berlain headed the transitional government in Austria from June 2019 to January 2020 after the Parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government led by Sebastian Kurz amid a scandal with the former Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian strache.