The Prosecutor General's office of Armenia intends to appeal against the release of Kocharian

The Prosecutor General's office of Armenia intends to appeal the decision in Thursday the court of appeal decision on bail of former President Robert Kocharian, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of Department of Arevik Khachatryan.

On Thursday, the Appeal court decided to release Kocharian on bail of 2 billion drams (about 4,15 million dollars). Thus he satisfied the complaint of lawyers Kocharyan to the decision of the court of first instance of the city of Yerevan, which refused to release him.

"The Prosecutor's office have repeatedly stated that we are at a stage of a judicial investigation, when significantly high risks preventing defendants to the investigation by illegal influence on participants in the proceedings. No measure of restraint, in addition to the arrest, not able to neutralize the risks associated with ensuring good conduct of the defendant," said Khachatryan.

According to her, after the case to court, the process has not yet entered into the stage of judicial investigation, and "several times the seized court, including appeals, stated the presence of these risks."

"In this regard, I can say that the Prosecutor's office will be served against the judicial act of the cassation appeal", - said the press Secretary.

The special investigation service on July 26, 2018 presented to Kocharian the prosecution to overthrow the constitutional order in the criminal case about the protesters on 1 March 2008. Kocharyan thinks the charges are trumped up as political persecution. In the case also are the former CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov, the ex-defense Minister Seyran Ohanian and former head of the presidential administration Armen Gevorgyan.

Kocharian admitted at the beginning of March, returned on April 3 in jail from the civil hospital, where he was treated for hypertension. But on 28 April he was again transferred from prison to the Yerevan medical center "izmirlyan" for examination. The twelfth of may he was operated on. Reason needed surgery, is not called.