Montenegro has introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in public places

Four new patients COVID-19 identified in Montenegro, the national Council for infectious diseases (NKT) introduced compulsory wearing of masks in public places, being in a closed space, said the government of the Republic.

In Montenegro, whose authorities have declared her free from COVID-19 country, before it was revealed seven new cases to the already existing two imported from Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Thursday, the Institute of public health reported four infected.

"Given the dramatic increase in the number of infected people in the countries of the region and the number of new infected in Montenegro, the decision on the mandatory wearing of protective masks in all public places that are indoors as well as transport. Wearing masks is mandatory and for the service workers in the open space," - said the Cabinet of Ministers in Twitter.

Coronavirus for the first time since the end of may was revealed on 14 June one citizen, who before had visited the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina and upon returning was in isolation. Earlier diagnosis COVID-19 was confirmed being in Montenegro the Bosnian, who was placed in quarantine. According to the Montenegrin health Ministry, since the beginning of the pandemic revealed 337 cases COVID-19, died nine people.

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