Friends spoke about the relations of the murdered in Moscow girls and arrow

Friends and acquaintances shot dead in Northern Moscow, the girls told about her character and relationship with the perpetrator.

According to a friend of the victim, she met with the shooter for about five years, and once the pair were parted.

According to her, the final parting occurred in March. She also said that he did not know about the presence of the deceased child.

"We no know that she had children. We believe that this is her brother. As I understand it, it was her family. It only has a stepfather," said she.

A mutual friend of the victim and killer said that they knew each other since high school, but in the last two or three months of each other not seen.

He also said that the shooter became very weird after the army.

"He went dirty and shabby, though before such was not. This is manifested in the manner of communication. He did some spontaneous action, all sorts of strange jokes thrown", — said the interlocutor of the channel.

However, he added that the attacker is unlikely to have committed the crime under the influence of drugs, so how negatively they were treated and did not differ by alcohol use.

A classmate of the murdered girl described her as kind, but knows how to fight back. According to him, she was able to speak out sharply, which could provoke a conflict.

The young man studied with the dead girl for three years, sometimes they spend time together.

"I don't know her so well, but I can say that I understand that the girl is very interesting, that is not the same as all fun, sweetie. It is possible to communicate on different topics, and, of course, very sad that it happened to her", he said.