Kosachev accused the US of blocking the peace initiatives of Russia in space

The United States, accusing Russia of aggressive actions in space, in fact, block all peace initiatives of Moscow, told RIA Novosti on Thursday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense has completed the development of a "Strategy of defense in space", which was prepared in response to the "significant threat" from Russia and China.

"It is mentioned (in the strategy – editor) Russia and China are aggressively promoting the draft Treaty on prevention of placement of weapons in outer space, the use of force or threat of force against outer space objects, based on the political obligation not the first to place weapons in space," said the Senator.

"Guess once, who exactly opposes the creation of a legal framework to prevent the militarization of space?" - said Kosachev.

In addition, the "Russian peace initiative develop - or rather blocked - on the background of intrinsic activity of the West in the opposite direction," said the legislator. He recalled that a year ago, NATO announced the development of its space strategy. The Alliance stated its readiness to declare the space a private space for military operations. Then, last summer, a private "Strategy space defense" was also presented by France.

"Why no one wants to negotiate a peaceful space, you can tell from the "defense in space" the USA, which speaks of the goal of achieving a comprehensive military superiority in space. It is clear that such ambitions are not up to agreements. But to blame and threaten, of course, Russia and China. Forced, so to speak, of America to invest huge sums in the militarization of outer space", - said the politician.

"The horror is that someone believes it. Well, or pretends to believe, like U.S. allies in Europe, which otherwise is hard to justify why they blindly follow Washington in his quest to save mankind from all agreements in the field of arms control," - said Kosachev.

He also called the fake statements by us assistant Secretary of state for international security Christopher Ford, who accused Russia and China of some aggressive action in space, and the deployment of a weapon.