Russia's response to the defense strategy of the United States will be negative, said the expert

USA presented in the strategy of defense in space justify their own investments in this area, the development potential of the enemy, but try not to focus on their own development, Moscow's reaction to the document is likely to be sharply negative, told RIA Novosti researcher, IMEMO ran, co-founder of the project "Watfor" Dmitry Stefanovic.

"The outline of a new American document about "defense in space" 10 times does the word "excellence" and its derivatives. This numerological fact best characterizes the attitude of the American military, perhaps, to all areas of armed conflict: the real, the virtual or potential interests of potential enemies do not care, it is necessary to solve their problems, and, if possible, "allies and partners", - the expert believes.

According to him, "it is obvious that the reaction of Russia, officially recorded in the threats and opponents, along with China, will be sharply negative."

"Both in words and in deeds," - said the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that private investment in the defense space environment in the United States to justify the development of anti-satellite potential partners.

"And, as a rule, the brackets out the relevant development itself from the Americans, and the reasons for interest in such technologies from those who already believed the American military threat to its national interests in the broadest sense and nuclear deterrence, in a narrow. So we are waiting for the continuation of the development of kinetic, laser, electronic and other means of struggle, under various names, but with equally unpleasant consequences for international security and strategic stability," - said Stefanovic.

Under these conditions, the transformation of the Russian-Chinese draft Treaty on prevention of placement of weapons in outer space, the use of force or threat of force against outer space objects (PPWT) to a real instrument of international law, unfortunately, seems less likely, he said.

"I would also like to wish that in Russia following the "principles of state policy on nuclear deterrence" will be a similar public document, such as in the field of aerospace defence, in order, on the one hand, to dispel a fantastic theory about the Russian plans in this area, and on the other, to show their commitment to providing for our interests in the context of growing confrontation in outer space", - concluded the expert.