Witnesses revealed details of the shooting, four dead in Moscow

Eyewitnesses said about the shooting four dead in an apartment on the street Priorova in Moscow.

A resident of a neighboring scene of the house reported that while returning from the store, I saw a large number of police and ambulance. The young man had learned from other witnesses that we heard two or three shots.

"Living on an adjacent floor, said that after the shooting, the screaming woman, and there two children with her was," he said.

The eyewitness added that the shooter didn't open the door to the apartment, and law enforcement officers had to break in.

Other witnesses reported six or seven shots.

"There are four dead, he killed three people and himself," — told RIA Novosti one of the witnesses.

Anastasia walked around the house Korolkova told REN-TV about women's screams during the shooting.

Hearing gunshots, she walked away from the scene.

"It was clear that the shot inside the sounds... Scary... I was just to afraid fly some stray bullet through the window," — said the interlocutor of the channel.

Another witness, Ruslan Semenov, told the TV channel "360", that the shooter lived in the same house where the tragedy occurred.

"I know only those who live with me in the stairwell. Neighbors are all peaceful, Hello," said the man.

He added that the clapping was very loud and the shots continued even when on the floor up by the police.