The United States has put APU military cargo in the amount of $ 60 million

U.S. authorities on June 16 gave APU a regular military cargo in the amount of $ 60 million, said on Thursday Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.

"According to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 16 June, the American authorities gave APU a regular military cargo, including walkie-talkies, ammunition and warheads to the missile complexes in the amount of $ 60 million. In the implementation of the previous supply of us military cargo in may this year was not hidden that he will be sent to Eastern Ukraine for military operations," - said the Russian diplomat at the meeting of the OSCE permanent Council.

He noted that the special monitoring mission of the OSCE has continued to ignore dozens of Ukrainian armored vehicles, tanks and weapons at train stations near the line of contact in the Donetsk region, which APU placed in residential areas. The situation remains alarming in the areas of breeding and close them, added Lukashevich.

"In these circumstances, the United States, Canada, Britain and several EU countries continue to train, provide arms, and in fact to encourage the Ukrainian army to further violence against donbasstsev. Recently, the Ministry of defense of Canada stated about the direction to Ukraine of 90 more military trainers, who in June should arrive to Lviv region for classes with Ukrainian servicemen," - said the Ambassador.