The choice of death. Why Americans return to the highest measure

The Federal government, the United States resumed executions. The sentence is execution for the first time since 2003: four criminals will make a kind of poison injection. The governors of many States are opposed, and we intend to maintain the moratorium on capital punishment. Why this issue has divided American society, to understand RIA Novosti.

"The four killers were sentenced to death after thorough investigation. The verdict rendered in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. We owe it to the victims of horrific crimes, their families and required to lead the sentence," said attorney General William Barr.

Three criminals have been executed in July, the fourth — at the end of August. It is supposed to do even in the winter, but the lawyers filed an appeal for a sentence reduction. Ranged and local authorities.

The governors of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa for a long time made no decision. The moratorium on the death penalty in many States has since the mid-fifties, and there do not tend to cancel. However, the current case — exception: the gravity of the crimes is beyond doubt.

Sentenced to punishment Daniel Lewis Lee has dealt with a family of three, including eight-year-old girl. Bodies dumped in the Bay Il.

Wesley Ira Porky raped and killed a sixteen year old girl. Dismembered corpse drowned in a pond. On his conscience another victim — he scored with a hammer 80-year-old woman.

Dustin Lee Honken shot five people — a mother with two young daughters and two witnesses who were going to testify against him.

Keith Dwayne Nelson raped and murdered a ten-year girl he kidnapped her when she rode around the house on roller skates.

Because the crime is very serious, the investigation led Federal government. Killers executed by injection of pentobarbital, causing his breathing to stop. This will happen for the first time in 17 years.

The eighth article of the Constitution of the United States provides for the death sentence only for murder with aggravating circumstances.

In 1972 the Supreme court abolished this rule. Four years later, the individual States allowed it back. In the late eighties punishment allowed all, but since 2003 at the Federal level executions were not.

In twenty States there is an unofficial moratorium, sentenced are serving life sentences. In the remaining thirty are not so humane. In 2019, executed 22 offenders in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and South Dakota.

The leader always Texas. In the governorship of George Bush Jr. made 140 death sentences. The head of state has pardoned only one convicted.

In Federal prisons, now 62 bomber. More than 2.5 thousands waiting for execution in local correctional facilities.

Donald trump — the return of the death penalty in all States. But the governors were not in support. Last year the leader of the resistance was the head of California Gavin Newsom.

"The Governor of California wants to abolish the death penalty 737 cold-blooded killers. Friends and relatives of the victims, which somehow forgot, is not happy. However, as I do," said trump.

Newsome retorted: in California for fifteen years maintained a moratorium. The formal rejection of the "towers" will not change anything, but will only legitimize the status quo. Trump resigned.

The gallows and the firing squad has not gone down in the past, but mostly executed by electric shock or lethal injection. Here everything is decided by local authorities. If you have a few options, the convict has the right of choice.

Used often included the electric chair. Today, as a rule, prefer the injection in the blood is injected a poisonous substance, and a few minutes later the person dies. But possible lining: in the summer of 2018 the incident in Nevada showed that the injection does not guarantee a quick death.

The medical staff of the local prison made the drug. However, pharmaceutical manufacturer identified a flaw in their products. The injection would have caused convulsions, but the prisoner would still be alive. Employees of the detention center had to warn, and the execution was postponed.

Five years ago in Oklahoma convict was given an injection of three toxic drugs that cause instant death. He lost consciousness, and the staff engaged in reporting, ascertaining death. But the executed were awake and talking, although on the way to hospital still died of a heart attack.

Sometimes, the condemned had requested to speed up the execution, but they were denied. Two years ago, public outcry caused by the story of a drug dealer Scott Dosiere. He was convicted for the brutal murder of two accomplices. He is not guilty.

In prison Dozier tried to commit suicide. Took a large dose of antidepressants, fell into a coma, but not dead. He was back in his cell. However, the suicide attempt did not pass unnoticed — criminal for a long time was bedridden. And the execution was postponed.

"I've got to pay the bills. I don't want to die, but death is better than life imprisonment", — he explained.

The Dozier is still alive and serving a sentence. The sentence of execution postponed indefinitely. Prisoner many sports, drawing, listening to music. And asks to speed up execution. For him a quick death — deliverance from suffering.