The LC has lifted restrictions on travel through the checkpoint "Stanitsa Lugansk"

The self-declared Luhansk people's Republic has removed restrictions on leaving residents of the LC from the territory of the Republic through PPC "Stanitsa Lugansk", introduced previously, because COVID-19, told reporters at a briefing the representative of the LC in the humanitarian sub-group on Donbass Olga Kobzeva.

In March because of the situation with COVID-19 people pass through the line of contact in Donbas was suspended. Later in LNR stated that he took the situation with the spread of the coronavirus under control. In the future, the authorities of Kiev and the LC began to pass people through the checkpoint of entry-departure "Stanitsa Lugansk" agreed list. On Thursday the head LNR Leonid beekeeper's decree allowed a free entry into the Republic from the territory controlled by Kiev, all having the registration on the territory of the Republic.

"The departure of citizens from the territory of LPR on the territory of Ukraine is free. The checkpoint will work from 7.00 to 19.00 (same as GMT)," said Kobzeva.

LC representative stressed that the first steps of "partly one-sided", as Kiev "ignores a direct dialogue with representatives of the Republic and takes a destructive position".

"From our side, made repeated steps and repeatedly we tried to hold a dialogue to reach a mutual agreement, but the Ukrainian side has repeatedly thwarted videoconferencing. In the last videoconference of the contact group of Ukrainian representatives, participating in the work of humanitarian subgroups, the non-existent" - added Kobzeva.

By the decision of Kiev in 2015 with uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities territories of Donbas entered in the transmission mode. To enter or leave the breakaway DNI and LC is possible only through checkpoints or through the territory of the Russian Federation. In the Donetsk region, there are four crossing points. The LC is valid only pedestrian checkpoint "Stanitsa Lugansk". OSCE observers said that the transport and economic blockade leads to humanitarian disaster in the region, and urged to open more crossing points.

Current information on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and worldwide can be found on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.