Sobyanin praised the amendment removing the limitation of presidential terms

No question about the fact that the current President will be reassigned automatically, and is not, constitutional amendments are adopted for political stability, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Thursday.

"There is the amendment which raises the constant discussion about removing the time limit to elect one person President... no One says that the incumbent will automatically be reappointed, will elect. If he is going to run, it is not a fact, its solution... to ensure that our system was stable politically, the country is managed, especially in these times we are going through, in my opinion, it is very important", - said Sobyanin on the TV channel "Russia 24".

The amendments envisaged by the law on the amendment of the Constitution, devoted to the new requirements set out by the President, Cabinet members and government officials of different levels, consolidate the social guarantees of the state to the citizens, to change the terms of reference of the Parliament, prohibits the alienation of Federal territories, establish the status of the Russian language, and mention of God in the Chapter on the continuity of development of the Russian statehood.

In addition, the amendments allow the incumbent Russian President to again run for the post in 2024.

Voting on amendments will take place on 1 July.