"You can give each soldier": Russia got "the pill" from NATO aircraft

To track and shoot down almost any "bird" — in the Russian army comes the newest portable anti-aircraft missile complex "willow". The other day a party of MANPADS transferred to one of the air defense units in Buryatia. According to experts, it is the most perfect for today weapons of this type, is much superior in combat capabilities Western counterparts and their own predecessors — complexes "Strela" and "Igla". Why this unique MANPADS — in the material RIA Novosti.

Thanks to the portable anti-aircraft missile complex simple infantryman can for a few seconds to destroy an aircraft worth millions of dollars and evade retaliation, hiding in the folds of the terrain. MANPADS have appeared in the 1960s and forever changed the rules of warfare. This is the main threat to pilots, accustomed to escape from long-range anti-aircraft missiles at low altitudes.

The first Soviet MANPADS "Strela-2" was adopted in 1968 and almost immediately tested in the case. During the Yom Kippur War in defense of Egypt and Syria struck by these complexes of about 35 Israeli planes and helicopters. In most cases, operators of MANPADS remained invisible to the enemy until the start, and acted at close range.

Then there was an improved and more noise-immune "Strela-3", "Igla". And now — "Verba", first presented to the public at the forum "Army-2015".

Verba MANPADS is significantly superior to previous generations of combat effectiveness, says RIA Novosti military analyst Alex Leonov. In the XXI century a new type of air targets, which "Arrow" and "Needle" could no longer fight as effectively. I mean a small stealth drones, made from composite materials. The main feature of the "Willow" — the ability reliably to detect and to destroy these targets."

And it is already proven in practice in Syria. On August 3, 2017 at a checkpoint in Eastern ghouta Russian military shot down from "Willow" drone group "Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra"* correcting the fire of artillery of fighters. Took one shot.

Of course, "willow" is designed not only to combat UAVs. It can hit aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles at altitudes from ten to 4500 meters and at ranges up to six kilometers. The American "stinger", for example, effective against targets flying not above 3500 meters at ranges of up to four and a half miles. In addition, the "Willow" set the radar station to monitor the sky within a radius of 80 kilometers, which allows to detect in advance the enemy and take position to attack.

The automated control system takes into account the speed and direction of flight of aircraft or cruise missiles, and distributes them among the gunners, whose situation on the ground is determined by GLONASS. The soldiers get the exact vector for firing. Interestingly, the "willow" through a tactical complex "Barnaul-T" is integrated into the overall air defense system and can use the information on the air for who lead large radars.

The main feature of the anti-aircraft missile complex "willow" — homing. The munition equipped with trehstakannoy GOS operating in the middle infrared and in the ultraviolet ranges. This makes the missile extremely picky in order: it is easy to distinguish the aircraft from about heat traps. The assurances of the military, at the expense of increasing the sensitivity of the homing area of the capture and destruction of typical air targets compared with MANPADS "Igla-s" has increased two and a half times.

Warhead missiles — high-explosive, weighing two pounds, with a non-contact-contact fuse. Undermined depending on the speed and direction of motion of the target during the collision or at some distance. Power of the warhead enough to disable the engines of most aircraft at altitudes of the effective operation of the complex.

Like many other MANPADS "Willow" not only can be used "off shoulder", but to install on ships, armored vehicles and attack helicopters as a subsidiary of air tools. In particular, the latest SAM "Flexible With the" based on the armored car "Tiger" carries four launchers. An important novelty of the complex is much easier to maintain than "Needle". The rocket is no longer necessary to "freeze" a new design of homing does not require cooling with nitrogen. Ready to shoot in seconds.

Verba functional in all latitudes, in the mountains and the sea, at the temperature from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius. Important point: MANPADS effective in the dark. There is a special detachable sight night vision "Maugli-2M". The vast majority of modern complexes of this type are used only during the day.

"Willow" is already in the Arsenal of the Marines and several infantry brigades. In addition, armed with anti-aircraft offices, air defense platoons and batteries as part of anti-aircraft divisions and other units — thousands of family of complexes "the Needle", including upgraded with the index "C".

*A terrorist organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.