Mars will perpetuate the contribution of health workers in the fight against coronavirus

American Rover Perseverance, which is supposed to start on July 20, will take on the planet with a commemorative plate to commemorate the contribution of doctors in a pandemic COVID-19, according to a press release published on the NASA website.

It is noted that this will be done in the memory of the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 and, in order to pay tribute to the dedication of doctors worldwide.

"We wanted to Express our appreciation to all those that have sacrificed their own well-being for the benefit of others. We hope that when future generations go to Mars and find our Rover, it will remind them that in the year 2020 on Earth were these people" - are contained in the release are the words of Matt Wallace, Deputy program Manager project Perseverance in the jet propulsion Laboratory (California).

The sign is a small black aluminum rectangle 8 x 13 cm, mounted on the left chassis of the Rover. According to the image published on the NASA website, on the plate etched globe resting on a rod, around which is entwined the serpent – the symbol of medicine. Off from the Ground line shown the trajectory of the Rover. Mars is depicted in the form of small dots.

As reported on Wednesday by representatives of NASA, the Rover Perseverance launched to Mars on July 20. In the course of work on the planet it will collect soil samples, capsules with which he will then leave on the planet's surface. The Rover is equipped with sensors of temperature, humidity and pressure. One of the scientific instruments the Rover is MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment) is designed to produce oxygen from Mars atmosphere. NASA hopes that this experiment will also be useful for future manned missions to Mars. The Rover collected soil samples will return to Earth at best in a decade.

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