Japan will remove restrictions on movement around the country

The Japanese government Friday will lift all restrictions on movement within the country, since the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 brought under control, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"Tomorrow can be completely free to ride in all prefectures and city (country)," - said the head of the Japanese government at a press conference in Tokyo.

According to him, this will still raise the level of socio-economic activities in Japan on the way of easing measures for the prevention of coronavirus.

"I want people went on a tourist trip, but paid attention to the issue of preservation of the race," warned Abe.

However, he said the possibility of such events as concerts per thousand people.

In late may, the Prime Minister cancelled in Japan state of emergency in force across the country about a month and a half, but its residents were encouraged to avoid travel between Tokyo and nearby prefectures, and in Hokkaido without urgent need.

Airline ANA has announced that it will resume flights in Japan in July, however, nearly half of the approximately 24 thousand scheduled flights will be cancelled.

Other airlines, including JAL and Skymark also gradually increase the number of its domestic flights.

As reported by the Agency Kyodo, the Advisory Council of the government of Japan considered on Thursday, measures to ease restrictions imposed over the coronavirus. In particular, Japan will negotiate with individual countries and territories on the issue of admittance to the country of the business under certain conditions as an exception.

These conditions include that persons from these countries crossing the border will be PCR tests for the virus and not be diagnosed with infections, they will not use public transport in Japan, and will save on smartphone data about your location and movements within two weeks. Businessmen will have to submit a plan of its activity during the period of quarantine, including data about where they stop and meet.

For those who will travel from Japan, will also be the opportunity to do PCR tests, the results of which will be filed at the place of destination.

Currently, Japan is negotiating with Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand and Thailand.

Abe promised that he would open the border is gradually taking measures to prevent the spread of infection COVID-19 from other countries.

According to the channel NHK, which summarizes the data of local governments in Japan have been confirmed 18 thousand 471 the case of infection, including 712 of the former passengers and crew of the cruise ship Diamond Princess. The number of deaths totalled 950 people.

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