A number of performers of the projects have evidence of violations, said Chikhanchin

About one-third of the perpetrators of the contracts for the projects located in the zone of special attention of the Federal service for financial monitoring because of the risk of violations, said the Minister Yuri Chikhanchin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Today, still about a third of the performers who came to national projects, is the performers at risk. What are the risks we see today? This is a significant number of suspicious transactions that banks allocate to the executors. It is fictitious, when you see companies working with 1-2 people. This is a relatively short period of company activities up to six months", - said Chikhanchin.

He said that Rosfinmonitoring jointly with the Federal Antimonopoly service and Federal security service has identified cartels in this area for 700 million rubles in the current year, these contracts were terminated. The "saved budget funds, i.e. where not given the opportunity for unscrupulous contractors to come out 3.8 billion. In fact, the damages are nearly 3 billion rubles - this is where taxes are returned voluntarily. And opened about 50 criminal cases. About 2 billion rubles arrested," said Chikhanchin.

The Russian President stressed that all these cases should be brought before the court that they "did not fade down the road." "We'll try," promised the head of Rosfinmonitoring.

Thus, according to him, the situation on all projects develops approximately the same way. "If you look at the constituencies, where and how is the development on national projects, the causes of the issues we have in the southern Federal district and the far Eastern. We are now working closely with the Embassy and are trying to tell them about the risks that we see. And are looking for ways to minimize these risks," he said.

"As for the subjects, here on a number of subjects there really are risks - Stavropol, Penza oblast, Khabarovsk Krai. But we are starting to work directly with the governors," added the Minister.