FSB has published the testimony of the Estonian punitive after the war

The Estonian punitive, in the years of the great Patriotic war participated in the genocide of civilians in the Pskov region, after the war, he joined the "forest brothers" – this is evidenced by the archival materials of the FSB of Russia in the Pskov region, seen by RIA Novosti.

Speech, in particular, about the interrogation of the Punisher Erich Limpets conducted by the investigator of the KGB of the USSR in the Pskov region in 1967. During the interrogation, Limpets said that from 1944 to 1946 "was illegal in the gang, which operated in the forest in Rakursom area of the Estonian SSR". The gang consisted of seven armed men.

According to Limpets, in addition to himself, the gang were his two brothers - Aldrich Limpets (at the time of interrogation who lived in Tallinn) and Leonard Limpets (killed in a shootout in 1945)