Putin instructed to bring to the court case about a cartel

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to bring to court cases that are filed after inspections of Rosfinmonitoring, to "they are not damped out along the way."

"Together with the Federal Antimonopoly service and Federal security service detected cartels 700 million this year, and their contracts terminated. The saved budget funds, i.e. where not given the opportunity for unscrupulous contractors to come out 3.8 billion. In fact, the damages are nearly 3 billion rubles - this is where taxes are returned voluntarily. And opened about 50 criminal cases. About 2 billion are arrested", - reported the head of Rosfinmonitoring Yury Chikhanchin at the meeting with the President.

The head of Rosfinmonitoring, spoke about the one-day firms that have just appeared "and has come to billions of dollars in contracts." He noted that if in General, look directly at each of the national projects, the picture is approximately the same for all.

"A little, maybe a little more of the features causes the national project "Small and medium entrepreneurship", here a much better interest rate, "Education" and "Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure". We are now on all of these issues work directly with the government. (Michael) Mishustin he singled out Deputy Prime Minister, and we are working on this issue", - said Chikhanchin.

He also pointed out that if you look at the constituencies, where and how is the development on national projects, "the most raises questions of our southern Federal district and the far East."

"We are now working closely with the Embassy and are trying to tell them about the risks that we see. And are looking for ways to minimize these risks," he reported to the President.

Also Chikhanchin noted that there are risks directly to actors "is Stavropol, Penza oblast, Khabarovsk Krai".

"But we are starting to work directly with governors. As a pilot project we work with the Novgorod and Tula regions. We are working with them have identified all the performers, are at risk. They just took their control, their Supervisory authorities have been given orders. And the Novgorod Governor these objects right to take control and leaves them looking. This example, which was proposed in Novgorod and Tula areas, was considered at the Cabinet meeting, the government Commission and recommended to all actors on the same principle to build further work. This, in our view, will enable us to reduce risks in the sphere of national projects", - said Chikhanchin.