In the West demand to close the "newspaper racists". Russia has accused

In the struggle with the colonial past of Western countries, the initiative group demanded the closure of the British daily newspaper the Guardian.

The petition, published a few days ago, already scored under 20 thousand signatures.

Logic requires closing the newspaper are simple. Founded in 1821 newspaper, then called "the Manchester guardian" (Manchester Guardian), was founded by a certain John Edward Taylor, who made his fortune in the cotton trade. Cotton is almost 100 percent produced by the labor of slaves on plantations.

...Bitter irony is that The Guardian in its current version is one of the main MediaPack British leftists, strongly supporting the most radical methods in the struggle with the accursed past.

We recall that in the framework of this struggle from their pedestals flew to Colombia for several, a pair of prominent British philanthropists, mutilated and hidden from the public eye down with monumental equestrian Belgium's king Leopold II, and even an open relatively recently, in our memory, in honor of the victory in world war II, bronze Winston Churchill. And that's not all, because recently the mayor of London Sadiq Khan built a "Commission on diversity in the public space," and the Commission has begun to work. Its function is the identification of the statues is historically wrong characters, earning the slave trade. Among them, by the way, five British monarchs, namely:

In General, angry with the ongoing Orgy of historical justice English conservatives as a satirical action have built a petition for the closure of The Guardian — the new mouthpiece of the rioters, too, purely because of its venerable age, is tied to the slave trade two centuries ago.

It is clear that to close the newspaper they did not succeed, but they at least demonstrate their liberal leftist opponents, what the hell, the past is all in all. And that it is absurd to judge the past, and even more executed, by the standards of modern aggressive ideologies.

But all this, of course, won't work. Because of recent concern that commissioners and evangelists of the new morality, is a sequence.

There is, perhaps, to clarify one thing, we often miss.

The story of Black Lives Metter, it would seem relevant only to the United States of America and their own old history with the black population, whose ancestors were imported centuries ago as slave labor, and it spread through Europe and even reached Australia, not only because of the pure obitaniya.

This ideology, usually claiming to be fighting inequality assumes by default that the current in the previous century social hierarchy throughout the world is deeply flawed and inherently unfair.

The injustice of the social hierarchy in the world is the fact that the greatest success it achieve (on average) heterosexual men from wealthy families with good education and joined with them in collusion heterosexual women, bribed well-being and in exchange for his agree to bear this Alfacam affluent children together and to educate them.

In a situation where Success is in the hands of the mafia full — suffers innumerable have been invented and still prokleivayutsya minorities. Behind the prosperity of statistics (fighters against inequality love statistics) regularly are those who are not lucky to be born in a wealthy full heterosexual family