Judge: in the USA there is a tendency to choose a presidential semi-literate people

In the US there is a tendency to choose a presidential defiantly uneducated people because of mistrust of the population without education to all "the wise men", told RIA Novosti the Professor of philosophical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University political scientist Boris Mezhuev, commenting on a forthcoming book, the former adviser of US President John Bolton, in which he said that the us leader questioned whether Finland is part of Russia.

"This trend is deintellectualization American politics that prevails in the Republican camp. Because there is distrust of the American common man who has not received education, all educated, and that is the tendency to choose defiantly uneducated people, like (George - editor) Bush and now trump," - said Mezhuev.

According to him, Americans elect that man for President, who would not like the wise guy, as all the pundits, in their opinion, are corrupt, they all work on a major financial Corporation, and in this sense their interests are obviously opposed to the interests of the American people.

Thus, according to mezhueva, trump isn't the worst option, he often traveled abroad, unlike Bush, who until his victory only twice been outside the USA and was a man of very narrow horizon.

"But it's not judge Americans as a whole. Americans are very educated nation, a large number of American intellectuals can give a handicap to the European," - says the interlocutor of the Agency.

Mezhuev also expressed the view that this trend when trump reached its apogee and then "will not be very comfortable to continue to flaunt their ignorance."

Earlier in the leading US media came excerpts from the book of Bolton "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house" (The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir), which contained unflattering characteristics of the US President Donald trump and criticism of his actions. The authors of the publications citing the book, in particular, wrote that trump was interested in whether Finland is part of Russia. However, this is not the first time trump and other American leaders have difficulty with geography, history and other Sciences.

For example, the current US President also repeatedly confused the names of the countries. So, he called the African country of Namibia the "Nambia", and during one of the interviews mixed up Syria with Iraq, saying that the U.S. in 2017 59 launched cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on Iraq, not on Syria. However, at the beginning of his presidency he stated that he "did not know that there are so many countries".

American CNN in 2018, reported that during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau trump asked him a question, not they burned the White house in 1812. The TV channel notes that the problem with trump's statement that during the Anglo-American war 1812-1815 years in question, the residence of the President of the United States actually was burned by the British military, and a country like Canada, did not exist then, it was founded only 55 years later.

Champion bloopers and reservations can safely assume the former U.S. President George W. Bush. The number of "gems" is probably in the hundreds. For example, in 2001, during his visit to Sweden, he called the Africa continent, and country. "Africa is a country, which is suffering from unimaginable diseases," said Bush.