Deuce again: as the presidents of the United States rewrote the geography and history

The big resonance was caused by Thursday the words of ex-US presidential Advisor Donald trump, John Bolton, who said that the us leader once questioned whether Finland is part of Russia. However, this is not the first time trump and other American leaders have difficulty with geography, history and other Sciences.

Earlier in the leading US media came excerpts from the book of Bolton "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house" (The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir), which contained unflattering characteristics of the US President Donald trump and criticism of his actions. The authors of the publications with reference to the book wrote that trump was interested in whether Finland is part of Russia, said he did not want to provide military assistance to Ukraine and asked the Chinese leader XI Jinping's assistance in the re-election of US President that could be construed as a crime.

The U.S. justice Department demanded through the court to suspend the publication of the book of Bolton, citing the secrecy of the contents. The Ministry of justice requires publishers to delay publishing the book until the moment when it is coordinated with the administration over the presence of classified information. The Ministry of justice also asks the court to order the already printed copies of the book were destroyed, and leakage of its content in mass media is prohibited.

RIA Novosti remembered as another distinguished trump and other high-ranking American politicians.

In 2018, during a visit to affected by forest fires city Paradise (eng. Paradise - a Paradise) in California trump, communicating with the residents, repeatedly called the city of Pleasure, which translated into Russian means fun.

"You see new York or watching from Washington, D.C., and you don't understand the real seriousness of everything.... until then, until you come here. And what we saw in "Fun" - what's the name, "Fun" right now..." started the tramp. It was corrected, but trump soon forgot about it and then called in his speech which was destroyed by fire the town of "Pleasure".

Next time went to Belgium. "Belgium is a wonderful city," trump said during his rally in Atlanta in 2016.

The current President of the United States also repeatedly confused the names of the countries. So, he called the African country of Namibia the "Nambia", and during one of the interviews mixed up Syria with Iraq, saying that the U.S. in 2017 59 launched cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on Iraq, not on Syria. However, at the beginning of his presidency he stated that he "did not know that there are so many countries".

Trump made mistakes not only in geography but also in history. So, in 2015, the New York Times reported a plaque near the shore of the Potomac river in Virginia, with trump saying that his establishment killed many American soldiers, the casualties were so many that the water in the river could be red. However, the newspaper quoted the historians who claimed that at that place during the Civil war there were no battles.

In turn, the American TV channel CNN in 2018, reported that during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau trump asked him a question, not they burned the White house in 1812. The TV channel notes that the problem with trump's statement that during the Anglo-American war 1812-1815 years in question, the residence of the President of the United States actually was burned by the British military, and a country like Canada, did not exist then, it was founded only 55 years later.

Champion bloopers and reservations can safely assume the former U.S. President George W. Bush. The number of "gems" is probably in the hundreds. For example, in 2001, during his visit to Sweden, he called the Africa continent, and country. "Africa is a country, which is suffering from unimaginable diseases," said Bush. His aides then said that anyone can make a reservation, and Bush himself denied that this demonstrates his lack of interest in Africa, reports ABC News.

Then for some reason he was sent to fight in Iraq Austrian troops, of which there are, of course, was not. The reason is simple - Bush then confused Austria with Australia. A little earlier he had attended APEC for OPEC, and that's just some of the interesting statements of the former President.

Not without a "geographical discoveries" and Barack Obama in 2008 during one of his election speeches, he said, that he had visited the United States almost completely and has been in 57 States.

"Over the past 15 months we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 States? I think there was one," said Obama, apparently, can not remember what States in the US only 50.

American politicians of lower rank too, not just "different" in geography. So, the former Vice-President of the United States and the most likely candidate from the Democrats in the upcoming elections Joe Biden, apparently, after Bush decided that Africa is a country.

"There are no reasons why the country is Africa cannot or should not join the ranks of the most prosperous countries in the world in the near future, in the coming decades," Biden said during a speech at the summit U.S. - Africa, quoted the Hill newspaper.

A colleague of Biden – Vice President of the United States in the years 2001-2009 dick Cheney - that showed "deep knowledge" in the geography of Latin America. In a speech denouncing the then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, American politician has decided to move the Venezuelan leader is in another state. "The people of Peru deserve better," said Cheney, speaking about Chavez.

Similar gaffe made and the candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States Sarah Palin, taken in conjunction with John McCain, who claimed the presidency in 2008. Speaking about the situation on the Korean Peninsula, to put it mildly, took the wrong side.

"Obviously, we must support our North Korean allies – we're bound to them by the Treaty," said Palin must be a lot of bewildering South Korea.