In the Kuban will resume stores, shops and shopping center

Kuban authorities took the decision to open non-food stores up to 800 square feet and shopping centers with on June 21.

Kuban authorities on Thursday announced the lifting in the region of quarantine mode, announcing a number of other restrictive measures.

"I accept the decision to open non-food stores to 800 square meters... open from June 21 to all shopping malls without limitation square, with the condition that they do not work the feed zone and zones of entertainment", - said the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev during the meeting of the operational headquarters, the broadcasting of which in these minutes is on his YouTube channel.

The authorities of Kuban March 31, because of the situation with coronavirus entered quarantine. On April 12, the quarantine mode was changed to mode isolation, which extended to 21 June. Since mid-may, the region began to gradually remove restrictive measures, allowing the operation of enterprises of some branches of the economy. On may 23, the regional authorities have weakened the regime of self-isolation. June 6th-Kuban was opened parks, squares, embankments and stadiums. On Tuesday the Governor of Kuban announced the relaxation of controls for entering Krasnodar Krai tourists being weakened on June 21.

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