The Ministry of communications has published the schedule of export of the flight until the end of June

The Ministry of communications in your Telegram channel has released the full schedule of export of flights to Russia until the end of June.

On June 19 scheduled flights Bishkek - Yakutsk, Paris - Moscow, Frankfurt-on-main - St.-Petersburg - Moscow, Prague - Moscow. On Saturday, June 20, the expected flight Osh - Moscow, Ho Chi Minh city - Ekaterinburg – Moscow, Tashkent - Kazan. Sunday, June 21, to be held the flight Bishkek - Moscow, Chisinau - Moscow, Tashkent - Ekaterinburg.

On June 22 scheduled flights from Phuket and Bangkok to Novosibirsk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg from Larnaca to Moscow from Dushanbe to Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg