Residents of Barnaul to death overfeed the animals of the zoo after it opened

Director of the Barnaul zoo Sergey Pisarev has posted on his page in social networks a shocking video, which showed three to death zakormlen visitors squirrels and urged them not to give food to the animals.

"I understand perfectly, that may be, it is very cruel to put such videos in Instagram, but we just can't do this. The thing is that these whites have died because of being poisoned. Poisoned visitors who throw different food that is not suitable for squirrels," says Pisarev.

The Director of the zoo said that hurt other animals. Previously poisoned deer, which fed the visitors. For the same reason almost killed a Panther.

"We ask again - in any case, do not feed the animals! For this there are specialists that feed. The animals are fed," - says Pisarev.

The Barnaul zoo opened to visit 8 June 2020 to the end of March he hosted for signs of coronavirus restrictions. After opening many citizens rushed to the zoo.