The liberal democratic party advocated a progressive income tax

The liberal democratic party advocates the introduction in Russia of progressive taxation, but the exemption from taxes of the poor Russians with incomes below two minimum wages, reported RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the faction, head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov.

Now in Russia a flat scale of personal income tax of 13%, on Wednesday, Forbes wrote that the Russian government is discussing the possibility of introducing a progressive tax rate. Among the possible options – increasing the personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% for wealthy individuals whose annual income exceeds 2-3 million rubles. However, a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Belyakov said Thursday RIA Novosti that the introduction of increased tax rates on income of natural persons (pit) for people with high incomes, the government of the Russian Federation is not discussed.

"Repeatedly to the theme of the deputies returned. Quite a lot of bills on this subject were reviewed, but they were not supported, including on the basis of the government's position, which was negative. We offer not only to lift (rate) from 13% to 15%. We proposed to exempt from income tax those who receive less than two minimum wages. And, conversely, to raise (the tax rate) for those who receive sums, conventionally, a million a day," - said Nilov.

He noted that the rate of 13% - one of the lowest and was established in 2000 years to bring the shadow economy out of the shadows.

"But time has passed and we see now millions of citizens are on the level of the minimum wage and they still charged income tax, which, of course, unfair. Therefore, the progressive school of taxation is from the zero rate and to the maximum, not the trivial increase an existing tax," - said the MP.

In a press-service of the liberal democratic party stressed that the liberal democratic party has advocated the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation or, at least, of the tax windfall – is the experience of most European countries.

"Just recently, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky gave specific parameters for payroll reform in Russia. We must work to ensure that the minimum wage was 30 thousand rubles – at least a thousand rubles a day. And a maximum of 500 thousand rubles. All sverhdorogoy subject to higher taxes – up to 70%. The aim of this proposal is to reduce the number of poor in Russia and dramatically increase funding to health and education", - noted in party.