Charges Apple and Google are destroying startups, said Durov

Apple and Google charge high fees for selling digital products for mobile phones, whereby users pay high prices, and start-UPS, and entire industries collapse, wrote in his Twitter the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov.

"Apple and Google charge a crazy tax of 30% on sales of all digital goods sold in every mobile phone in the world. The result - users pay higher prices, start-UPS, and entire industries are destroyed or never appear. Regulators ignore this nonsense for 10 years", - wrote Durov.

Answering the question of users, what is the solution to have this problem, Durov said: "the Decision of how to end the abuse of monopoly Apple is simple: to allow users to install apps directly or through alternative app stores, not only through the Apple AppStore, which provides a 30% tax, censorship and lack of privacy. Just copy the principle of installing applications on computers." He recalled that before the advent of app stores, developers have not paid any taxes to Microsoft for the ability to install their products on Windows.

The founder of the Telegram also added that the development and emergence of open ecosystems like Android, Windows, MacOS, - shows that people are "smart and prefer freedom of choice." He Durov, according to him, in the last few years is the user of Android smartphone.