In Japan arrested two members of Parliament for bribery during the elections

In Japan arrested a couple of deputies of the Parliament of Kazuyuki and Anri Kawai, said Thursday the Agency Kyodo.

As it became known during the investigation, which lasts from autumn 2019 and deprived of Kazuyuki kawaii Minister of justice, the couple in the elections to the upper house of Parliament last summer was handing out, allegedly, cash money deputies of the local Parliament, members of the electoral headquarters Anri Kawai.

The result of the election Anri Kawai became an MP. This was even compiled a list, which included about 100 names. All Kazuyuki kawaii were distributed about 24 million yen (about 224 dollars), and his wife 1.5 million yen (about 14 thousand dollars).

The couple amid the scandal, announced his withdrawal from the ruling liberal democratic party, so as not to cast a shadow. Kazuyuki of kawaii is considered a person from the entourage of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the excitement against it criminal case can not affect the reputation of the Prime Minister.

According to Kyodo, Kazuyuki kawaii was a special adviser to Prime Minister on international Affairs.