In Thailand, three Russians detained for illegal entry into the country

Three of the seven Russians, who constitute the crew of the Russian sailing sports yacht Uminoko stuck in the port of the island of Phuket in Thailand on March 25 because of COVID-19, detained by immigration police of the island on charges of illegally crossing the beach and entering the country. Embassy of the Russian Federation said that assists, and in April appealed to the Thai authorities asking for assistance in resolving the situation.

"Today's scheduled court hearing, which will consider their case," added the captain.

The Russians face a fine and deportation to his homeland. They can bring in "black lists" of persons prohibited from visiting Thailand for the long term.

Yacht Uminoko, repeatedly successfully participated in Thailand's regattas in February and March of 2020 was in Thailand with a crew of seven Russians. On 17 March the ship left Phuket, heading to Malaysia, but was forced to return due to the closure of all Malaysian ports due to the pandemic.

Phuket yacht returned March 25 after 17: 00 when offices for the registration of ships and aliens police of the port was already closed, and from 00.00 hours on March 26 in Thailand has enacted a state of emergency, and ports of the country were entirely closed during its operation, the entry of foreign citizens in Thailand have been prohibited. Sailors are unable to be allocated to the citizens of Russia 30-day visa-free entry stamps in the passports of Thailand, and therefore had no right to go ashore, but the port allowed the ship to remain in port in the Parking lot. According to the captain of the yacht, the crew then managed to negotiate informally with the immigration police about the possibility sometimes to go ashore to replenish food supplies, because "the police knew that the sailors became hostages of the situation." A yacht with crew is located in Phuket for more than two and a half months.

"The day before yesterday when the immigration police arrived to the yacht to check, it was just me because the rest of the crew were on shore. I was given a warning about the illegality of coming ashore without a Thai entry stamps in passports and everyone immediately offered to collect," he said.

The question of the Agency about the rest of the crew Plaksin said that two people June 9, was to fly to Vladivostok export flight, but for some reason the flight was late and was sent to the Thai authorities on a 14-day quarantine in the state quarantine facility, both newly arrived from abroad. Another crew member went from Thailand to Vladivostok at the other ship, he said.

In comments to RIA Novosti, the Russian Embassy in Thailand announced that Russian diplomats appealed in April to the Thai authorities asking for help in resolving non-standard situation of the crew of the Russian yacht.

"The Embassy immediately appealed to the authorities of Thailand to find out of the situation. Appropriate steps in providing the necessary assistance was made at the management level of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia," - said the Embassy, explaining that as a result of these actions of the Russian side, the Thai side agreed to allow entry into the country "on an exceptional basis, for this group of citizens with a fundamental condition the further export of their closest flight to Russia."

According to diplomats, to return home agreed to only two, and the others such a desire is not shown.

Currently, efforts to resolve the situation, take the regional government of the province of Phuket, in cooperation with the Consulate General of Russia in the city of Phuket, the commentary said.

"I hope that the remaining Russians will be able to use the following export flight (flight is tentatively scheduled for June 23 on the route Phuket-Novosibirsk-Moscow)," said the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation.