The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the inclusion of India into the UN security Council

Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi expressed appreciation for the choice of India one new non-permanent members of the UN security Council.

"Deeply grateful for the enormous support extended by the world community to India's membership in the UN Security Council. India will cooperate with all member countries to promote global peace, security, stability and equality," wrote modi on Twitter.

Earlier, the Chairman of the UN General Assembly Tijani Muhammad-the Gang reported that India, Mexico, Norway and Ireland elected a non-permanent member of the UNSC for 2021-2022 years, the fifth country will be elected in the second round on Thursday. A second round of voting, in which members of the United Nations will be to choose between Kenya and Djibouti, will be held on Thursday at 9: 00 (16.00 GMT).

All of these countries were members of the security Council. India held the seat in the security Council seven times, Canada six, Mexico and Norway - four, Ireland three, Kenya – twice, Djibouti – only once.

The UN security Council - a permanent structure of the organization that has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. In the security Council always sit 15 countries - five permanent members and ten temporary. The permanent members - Russia, USA, UK, China and France. They have veto power. Ten other members of the SB are elected for two years. Germany, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and South Africa elected in 2019 and 2020, and Vietnam, Niger, Tunisia, Estonia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – in 2020-2021 years.